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Limited Pearl Edition

Hopechest is here! An oversized, Limited Edition reusable pearl chest containing the very best of Hopebox. Want to send one box that delivers Hopebox's all-time greatest hits? Order your Limited Pearl Edition now!

New Year Cheer Delivering what we all need most... Hope! Send Hope

Beauty Products

Handmade With Love

All beauty products are handmade in small batches with original recipes. Pamper yourself with our best all-natural, vegan, and palm oil free handmade treasures.


All Five Senses

From lavender sachets to aromatic facial steams to organic lip balms, experience Hopebox's finest assortment selected to engage all five senses.


Beautiful Gifts That Last

Handmade jewelry from talented American artisans. Includes hammered brass cuffs, inscribed leather bracelets, handcrafted earrings, beaded necklaces and more.


100% Soy and Essential Oils

All natural soy candles handpoured in mason jars. Because all candles are made with soy and essential oils, you can use the candle as a natural and soothing lotion.

Endless Variety

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Limited Pearl Edition hopechests come with 20+ items with a total retail value of $200+. All are top-shelf items made to last and sure to take a long while to use!

Gifts of Hope

Artisans Who Overcome

From free trade coin purses handmade by Guatemalan women to candles dedicated to lost loved ones, these gifts all come with their own backstories of hope and healing.

Small Batches

Every Hopebox Is Unique

Because each item in every box is handmade in small batches, no two hopechests will be alike. Yours is the only hopechest of its kind there ever was or will be!

Personal Touches

Sending Words of Hope

Whether you choose to write a heartfelt message or we write a kind, uplifting note on your behalf, you can be sure that the receiver will feel much more hopeful and inspired.