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Every box is filled with beautiful, uplifting gifts handmade with love by creative artisans and includes a heartfelt message written to encourage you or someone you love. But don't take our word for it! Read below for comments from real hopebox givers and subscribers from the last few months.

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Hopebox Reviews


by Jill written yesterday

What a wonderfully inspirational box! The products are amazing and so are the people working there. What a blessing!

When You Need That Special Gift

by Melanie written 5 days ago

The Hopebox is a thoughtful, beautifully put-together box that is full of quality, handcrafted items that will brighten anyone's day. In addition to my own monthly subscription that I got to reward myself for knocking out breast cancer last year, I also gave a few of the December boxes as Christmas gifts to some of my extra-special friends who were a huge support to me through that difficult time (one of them is a two-time breast cancer survivor herself). Each of them was so surprised and absolutely loved their box.

Perfect for those hard to shop for gifts

by Adrienne written 10 days ago

My Mother-in-law was having a difficult time finding a gift for her daughter. We were so thrilled when we found HopeBox. It shipped super quickly and arrived in time for her birthday. She loved it! She especially loves that all the beauty items are vegan.


by Kathryn written 11 days ago

What a wonderful surprise each month! Uplifting and inspirational items in each package. I’ve only done two months so far, but I’ve loved EVERY SINGLE ITEM in both boxes.

Fantastic Gift for anyone who needs love

by Andrea written 12 days ago

I purchased this box for a friend who is going through a really rough time and both she and I were just overwhelmed with how beautiful each and every item was. Wrapped with love and such care. The quality of the items is amazing for such a small price and the box was positively packed with goodies. Her smile and mine truly lit up the entire room. Like excited children going through each and every item some in little bags some wrapped some with ribbons each one a delight for the eyes and heart. I cannot thank you enough for the handwritten note to her and the obvious care and consideration you put into not only such high quality items but the very placement of them in such a beautifully packed manner. You have hope boxers for life in both of us. I would recommend this subscription to anyone who loves beautiful handmade items and could use a little spoiling and love its so much more than hope its happiness and excitement all wrapped up!!!! Five stars I would give it 10 if I could!!!! -andie

Wonderful Gift

by Angela written 13 days ago

I ordered this as a gift for someone who is going through a rough time and she was really really happy with the quality of items as well as the packaging. This was a great way for me to send her some TLC and it was a fun surprise for her. Shipping was also very fast. Thank you!


by Elizabeth written 14 days ago

My friends and, I love the hopebox collection. It gives us inspiration, strength, and most of all hope. Just knowing that someone is rooting for you gives hope, but because of the unique and thoughtful items in this box is an added bonus. It makes my heart smile to give and this is the box to do it.

Wonderful Gift! Best Customer Service

by Jae written 14 days ago

I gifted a Hopebox subscription over the holidays for my teen daughter who has quite a bit on her plate lately. I thought it would be a terrific way to lift her spirits and bring some hope and positivity in her life. I turned out to be right. She was delighted when her first Hopebox arrived. It contained wonderful items that she absolutely loved and cheered her up. Customer service was absolutely the best when I asked to see if they could have the first box arrive by Christmas. They did their very best to expedite it and were so helpful. Terrific service!

So Nice!

by Sharon written 14 days ago

I have rec'd the Hopebox for men, the Hopebox for Her and the Mini, and I really can't say enough about each one! I have gifted many of the items to loved ones and everyone has been delighted! I highly recommend this box to anyone who wants to spread or receive a little joy!

The Best!

by Sterling written 14 days ago

I live 5,000 miles away from my Grandmother and wanted to get her a subscription box so she would know I was thinking of her every month. It took awhile to find the right box, but Hopebox was absolutely perfect. She has a lot of responsibilities so the inspiration and love in the Hopebox is just what she needed. She is also a crafter so she loves all the handmade items. She adores getting her Hopebox and has thanked me many times. Thank you so much for such an amazing product that brings love into the lives of those we love. I also love how a beautiful copy of the letter I wrote her when I was setting up the subscription was printed out and put in her first box. I will definitely be resubscribing.

Top Notch Customer Service!

by Denise written 15 days ago

Not only are the items in the box terrific! Not only do the recipients feel extra special! Not only is this a great cause! But the customer service is amazing! You feel like your dealing with a family member! Love this company!

So Much Fun

by Jessica written 15 days ago

I bought a gift subscription for my Mom for Christmas. The first box arrived in time for her to open at our family Christmas. The items inside were super cute. She loved it! The second box was as good as the first. Nice quality and a variety of items.

Inspirational and uplifting

by Erick written 15 days ago

Hopebox is creative and unique among other subscription boxes. It is creative and has a personal touch to it. It brings a mixture of hopeful messages, whether a notecard, a notebook, etc but also bring some very useful things to make your mind feel at ease and uplift your spirits including candles and handmade soaps. This is a box that you can give during any occasion just to let a friend know you're thinking about them.

Very Enjoyable

by Fran written 15 days ago

I bought this subscription for my daughter who is currently in a very difficult situation and so far she has been delighted with the contents of her hope boxes

Lifted my spirits

by Marilou written 15 days ago

Having experienced a recent tragic loss of a daughter I've been very overwhelmed. When I opened my Hopebox I felt uplifted and encouraged. Every item made me smile! It's sometimes the little bits of encouragement that can move us forward


by Elizabeth written 15 days ago

This subscription really uplifted a friend of mine. It was packaged well, thoughtful presentation and good products.

Great Service!

by Rob written 15 days ago

Bought a gift subscription as gift for someone in my family. Highly recommended!

These Make Great Gifts

by Celia written 15 days ago

My daughter in law has much of everything, it seems. I did not want to give another gift certificate and found this site. I signed up for two appropriate hope boxes and she love them. I strongly recommend finding one that is right and going for it. I am very happy with the purchase.

Perfect For My Mom!

by Brittany written 15 days ago

I sent this to my mom for Christmas and she loved it! The items were adorable and well thought-out. She's been sick for a while and this really lifted her spirits. Thank you so much for helping me make her holiday special!!!

Perfect present for your mom!

by Erin written 15 days ago

I signed my mom up for a three month subscription as an extended Christmas present. She absolutely loves HopeBox and sends me pictures of each treasure upon receiving her monthly package. I highly recommend this subscription service!

Hopebox is Amazing

by Erin written 15 days ago

I have been receiving Hopebox for several months, and it has been a great experience. I really look forward to it each month. All of the items in the box are uplifting, empowering, and motivating. Many times, I will open the box, and find an item that particularly speaks to me for one of my friends or family members, too, and it gives me great joy to share with them. I have tried several subscription boxes, and the Hopebox has been the one that I enjoyed the most.

Nice Gift for a Family Member!

by Valerie written 15 days ago

I chose this subscription because my family member was going through a tough time. She loved her first box! She received a coffee coozie, a stress ball, and several other cute little Knick knacks that brightened her day. Highly recommended!

Blessings in a Box

by Leigh-Anne written 15 days ago

I absolutely LOVE Hopebox. Every item is so thoughfully curated, high quality and a mix of diverse items and some recurring items. Which I love because (small spoiler here) the little knit and woolly animals I collected and Blue Bird is my baby niece's favorite. I also love the mission of the company - to bring hope to its subscribers and also to others who need a boost. The opportunity to gift a box to someone who needs Hope so desperately is frankly a more rewarding experience than receiving the box myself (though of course I enjoy doing BOTH). I've gifted this to my mother in law, we lost her son last year - I've gifted it to people in need of Hope presented by Derick and his team. I can't say enough good things about this Box. I'm on a budget so I had to do away with some prescriptions, but this one - I will keep forever. Big Hugs to Hopebox


by Jennifer written 16 days ago

This is an amazing treasure. Each item was beautifully crafted. Highly recommend getting this for yourself or giving it as a gift.

Such a Complete Treasure

by Kim written 16 days ago

I received this box as a gift. To say I LOVED it is an understatement. I live my life hoping to make a difference in all that I do. This box is an example of taking the idea of giving to a new level. There is a “story” about each item. There is love in the creation of each item. Each item means something. I am beyond thankful to be a part of this. I applaud the creators of the Hope Box and the wonderful people creating items for it. What a lovely marriage, making a difference for all of us. Thank you. Hugs from Indiana.


by Sharon written last month

I am so impressed! What a lovely surprise! The items in this box are beautiful and will make great gifts (with a few for me!). I hadn't planned to renew, but I've definitely changed my mind now that I've seen it. I recommend this to anyone that values beautifully handcrafted gifts and treasures!

All the Gratitude

by Sharon written last month

I sent this to my mother for her birthday, as she is also currently in chemo treatments for cancer. I was expecting it to be nice, but she was so overwhelmed with joy when she got it that I cried. I am so thankful for this gift and the thoughtfulness that was put into it. My deepest, most sincere gratitude.


by Cheri written last month

Love, love, love this box. It is probably my FAVORITE of all my subscription boxes & I get several! Always beautifully packaged & full of great items. As a gift for someone at a low point, whatever the reason, it would surely say so much more than words could convey. Highly Recommend!


by Lisa written last month

This box is so thoughtful and I love how everything is handmade every thing is so nice I love it so much

First Box and I'm Impressed!

by Lori written last month

This was my first box. I loved it. First the packaging was just superb. It made you feel really special when you opened it, to the point that I almost didn't want to..lol It was full with inspiration and cute little things that make you just feel good. Things I could use, things that made me smile. I realized the entire box was an experience and not just getting a package. I smiled the whole way through opening and reading about the items. The cute felted animals were pretty cool and even though I'm in my 40's they were adorable and I can see using them with some essential oils for aroma therapy. Perfect box. Treat yourself with some love. This box is full of love, good vibes and just makes you feel extremely happy. Unique, fun, worth every single penny. A subscription I'm keeping!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


by Chelsea written last month

I just received my first hope box and I am very happy. The box was very thought out and packaged beautifully. Each item inside was unique and I loved the variety. Shipping was expensive and took a little longer than usual but it was worth the wait. Looking forward to my next hopebox!

Such a perfect gift

by Danielle written last month

My mother loved this box beyond words. Everything was wonderful! Highly recommend if someone is going through a hard time and needs some encouragement and love. Thank you Hopebox!

Overwhelmed and Astonished

by Regina written last month

Derik and the Hopebox Team recently gifted a 3-month subscription to me on behalf of a friend whose 32-year old daughter passed away suddenly -- leaving a husband and 4 children to face deep loss and grief (Facebook Giveaway). I just received a thank you note wherein she says of Hopebox: "We have felt your love and concern. The unique gifts have been sweet and comforting. We were overwhelmed by the first box, and then as the second and third were delivered, we became astonished! We have even purchased duplicates of some of the books and trinkets to share with others. Thank you for caring for us at such an unbelievable time." THANKS TO DERIK AND THE HOPEBOX TEAM FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! Your example of giving and caring inspires HOPE in us all!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

by Andrea written last month

From the first moment you open the box the loving care with the personalized noted and the ribbons to the fact that its absolutely Packed with goodies you feel loved. Everything was so well thought of, individually wrapped like little gifts for the soul. I adored everything the plush pumpkin, the beautiful soap, the handmade earrings! There were so many items I can't even name them all. The personalized service is five star and the items far outweigh the small cost. Best box i have ever gotten. I am a subscriber for life! Im a nurse and truthfully I think everyone who cares for people on a regular basis needs to subscribe its true food for soul and recharges my battery. Its also the perfect gift to send when one is dealing with grief or life's up's and down the name "hope box" isn't just a name its truly what it is. Its Hope and love and kindness all wrapped up with a bow something that would far outlast any flowers after a trauma. I truly can't say enough this is my 5th box and they just keep getting better and better! The care and love in each package is so touching and the items are just stunning. And when I say packed to the top I mean it, its packed full of goodies. I would not hesitate to subscribe to this box or send as a gift It truly is my happy place each month!

Really Enjoyable

by Bel written last month

I've had a three-pack of these and as soon as I can afford it again I'll be sure to re-subscribe! This is probably my favorite subscription box I've ever had, there are always beautiful things in it which are a pleasure to receive each month and I truly feel that there is care and attention being put into each box, each month. I needed a minor adjustment to the contents due to personal requirements and the HopeBox team saw to it without any hassle whatsoever, and this was carried through for all of my boxes. Would highly recommend and look forward to resubscribing!


by Pat written last month

received my 2nd box. It was great, I think I am hooked.


by Kristin written last month

Hopebox just keeps getting better and better! I've sent boxes to several friends over the past few months and every response is the same - they love it! It's a great way to encourage someone who is having a hard time. The perfect gift. Thank you!

Perfect gift

by Kathryn written last month

I sent this to my good friend who is dealing with a death in the family. She truly loved it. The gifts are beautiful and wonderfully made. It is a great value for the price!

Great subscription box!

by Jodie written last month

I received a subscription for Mother's Day, and it has been so great! Not only are the items thoughtful and unique.... there are so many in a box, I can share with the people I love that are needing some support, love or kindness sent their way! It's a beautiful box! Thank you!!!!

Heart Warmingly Perfect

by LA written last month

I had ordered a box as a gift to share as I'm having a tough time since relocating and I love the box so much I ordered the mini one as well this month and both boxes are extremely packed with heart warming gifts,candles and little stuffy friends that are adorable. Can't say enough good things about this box

Love! Love! Love!

by Ashley written 2 months ago

So thrilled with Hopebox!! I ordered one for my mother because it seemed like the perfect pick-me-up, as our family has been through a lot lately. The shipping was FAST! I was so content with the love and care that went into the packaging. We really loved the list of items in the box, giving the name of the makers and where they came from. My mom and I are makers ourselves, so getting this box full of handmade items was so exciting for her. It truly gave my mom the hope she needed. Hope is a word that resonates with our family and Hopebox delivered, no doubt. I was so happy with hers, I ordered one for myself!

very cute

by Laura written 2 months ago

I love this box it's unique.

Loved It!

by Brandy written 2 months ago

How fun! Loved the handmade stuff!


by Erika written 2 months ago

Received my box and it was special and handcrafted. I will definitely be getting this box again!


by Jessica written 2 months ago

I look forward to this box each month. It's packaged beautifully, such thought in the handmade gifts.


by Cheri written 3 months ago

Wonderful box, I also ordered the HOPE CHEST which was just wonderful! I have tried many subscription boxes but this one is a true 5-star box!!

Loved It

by Sujey written 3 months ago

I just got my box today. And all I can say is that I loved it. It felt so special. I was excited as I took out item by item. Is not my only box so trust me when I say it is so worth it.

best box ever!!!

by Andrea written 3 months ago

I truly loved everything in this box and it was all so lovingly wrapped and each item placed I truly felt special opening it all. I really only wanted just to try it but I reactivated and will be a loyal fan forever truly food for the soul!

Perfection In a Box

by Sara written 4 months ago

I literally love this box. I haven't even received my own box yet because I ordered one for my friend who is going through a difficult time first. I love the mission behind this brand and it's such a cute idea. I especially love the stationary things like the book that says, "Don't stop reading it until you believe it". How powerful. Extremely beneficial and cannot wait to get started on the 3 month program! So happy to have found this business.


by Jodi written 4 months ago

I have just ordered my second Hopebox for a very special someone. The first recipient loved hers and just couldn't get over how beautiful the contents were! The customer service is impeccable and this service makes my heart happy!

Perfect Gift!

by Jessica written 5 months ago

Ordered for the friend who has everything but needed a little pick-me-up. She loved it!

Just What I Needed Continued

by Brenna written 6 months ago

I forgot to mention an item in my post below. There was a lovely floral facial steam included as well! All of the items in the box also seem to be from small businesses across the country which give the box such a special and cozy feel.

Just What I Needed

by Brenna written 6 months ago

I was a little skeptical about this box because I wasn't able to find an online review of the contents outside of the Cratejoy website (I usually like to see a few past boxes before I decide to commit), but I have been going through a difficult period during the past few months and decided to give it a try. I was touched by the thoughtful note that was included, and each item felt very meaningful. As the note in the stated, "stuff" cannot fill any void or pain within us, but the items in the box felt very experiential and will allow me to take care of myself during this time. I'm going to list the items included in the box for those who are interested, but skip if you want to be surprised. Included in my box were: -A lovely leather bracelet that says in cursive: "Begin anywhere" -A spa candle in a tin -Aromatherapy lip gloss -A sweet little owl made of wool -Pop open cards with messages of encouragement for personal use or to share -A bath ball -Birthstone bar of soap -Flower seeds in paper that you can write intentions on and then plant to watch them bloom - A book entitled "Read This Until You Believe It" that had such wonderful words of encouragement and comfort that it made me tear up. I will definitely be looking into seeing if these are sold individually in the future as a gift of encouragement for a friend who needs it. The value of the box is definitely there. You are getting what you pay for in terms of monetary value, but more importantly, the encouragement I felt as I unpacked this box was phenomenal, and the items inside will help me move forward in an intentional way during the months to come. Thanks for providing such a lovely experience HopeBox!

Great customer service!

by Kathrine written 7 months ago

I ordered this box for my grandmother, who is having a difficult time with her health. First, the box arrived in DAYS and she was overwhelmed with joy and described it as "just what she needed to reset her thought processes". Second, I had some ordering difficulty with the Cratejoy system and Derik responded to my emails quickly and professionally! I would definitely recommend Hopebox as a gift for someone in your life that needs a pick-me-up!


by Katie written 7 months ago

I'm terrible at thinking of what to say when someone I love is having a difficult time. I would rather show that I care, which is why I was so glad when I found Hopebox. Normally I send flowers, but I didn't want to burden her with having to throw them out when they become wilted. I sent her a Hopebox and she was thrilled! She immediately sent me a long message that she loved the opening up the beautiful packaging and unboxing all of the lovely gifts! Sometimes you get boxes that are 50% packaging paper, but she said the box was filled to the brim and there wasn't a single item she would've parted with. I could not recommend more sending the gift of Hopebox!

Just what I was looking for!

by Miranda written 8 months ago

So many of my friends are currently in need of a pick-me-up. And as much as it hurts my heart what they're going through, I know the best way to help is always to let people know they're thought of during the business of life. I was searching for a meaningful way to let people know I was thinking about them, and stumbled upon HopeBox, and it was like the creators read my mind. It was filled with things that said, "I'm here. You are loved. You have my support. And most importantly, there is hope." Each recipient wrote me (after getting theirs) saying the same thing..."this was exactly what I needed right now." Doesn't get better than that, and will use HopeBox time and time again!

FULL of Hope!

by Kristin written 8 months ago

Hopebox is so much more than a box of (awesome) goodies. It's helping people communicate love and care in a brand new way! Sometimes I don't know what to say or do in hard times, but this box is the perfect starting point. It's so much more meaningful than flowers or a card. The products are just perfect. Thank you, Hopebox!


by Jehanne written 8 months ago

In search of a gift that would bring comfort and cheer, I came across Hope Box and decided to try it out. We just received our first shipment, and it was terrific! Beautiful packaging and a multitude of lovely products within. I love the idea behind this box, and the intent comes through clearly with the message and choice of items. I highly recommend this subscription! We look forward to more hope and comfort from Hope Box.

The perfect gift!

by Sydney written 8 months ago

I was searching for the perfect box of unique goodies to send a dear friend when I happened upon the Hope Box! I was immediately drawn to the products and the purpose behind them and knew it would be just the day brightener that my friend needed and it sure was! The shipping was fast, the package was delivered, and my friend was thrilled to receive the Hope Box experience! Also of note, the communication between the company and myself was first class and nothing short of spectacular!

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