Who needs hope from you today?

Welcome to Hopebox

Hope: A desire with expectation that something good will happen

Hopebox was founded to provide a unique and thoughtful way for you to deliver monthly gift boxes of hope, inspiration, and positivity to people you care about. Each hopebox contains a delightful assortment of handmade treasures thoughtfully selected to feed mind, body, and soul.

Hopeboxes are perfect when you wish to:

Extend uplifting birthday wishes, congratulations, or holiday cheer.

Enjoy a much-needed supply of uplift and hopeful messages for yourself.

Lift a person’s spirits and raise their hopes as they go through a tough time.

Offer an ongoing expression of sympathy when someone you care about suffers a deep loss.

Express support and well-wishes for a loved one embarking on a new venture.

Encourage a servicemember far from home.

Brighten someone’s day with an unexpected gift.

Send someone a thoughtful gift but don’t know what to send.

Your Personal Shoppers for Gifts of Hope

Each of the 6+ to 15+ artisan-crafted handmade treasures is carefully selected by the Hopebox team. The items are packed in a specially designed box-of-the-month to provide a meaningful dose of hopefulness, encouragement, and enthusiasm. A unique, heartfelt message is tucked inside every Hopebox, whether written by the sender or our team.

Send Hopebox today because
where there's hope, there's life.

10+ encouraging gifts handmade by creative artisans

Charming, one-of-kind gifts specially designed to bring warmth and comfort.

Comforting, encouraging, and personalized message

Who We Are



Following the devastating September 11 attacks in 2001, Derik grew acquainted with the incredible power of hope at a young age. Just months after the attacks, upon graduating from West Point, he deployed as a military intelligence officer from 03-04 and again from 05-06. During this time, he saw the impact hope brought to homesick soldiers, the uneasy family members anxiously awaiting their return, and to Iraqi citizens desperate for peace and stability in their country.

After serving his country, he worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company serving Fortune 500 clients for over six years. He also led a firm-wide transformation initiative of McKinsey’s people model. Through this “People Strategy,” he established hope as a central principle in building successful and effective teams. Following his entrepreneurial work, Derik has been blessed with the opportunity to pursue his passions--theology and philosophy. Upon receiving his Master’s of Divinity (Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, 2015) and Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, forthcoming), he has developed a deeper and more complete appreciation of the role of hope in God’s perfect plan.

Hopebox is the culmination of Derik’s lifelong commitment to advance God’s kingdom through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by sharing with others the greatest hope of all: God’s free gift of Life to those who trust in Him.



During Derik’s time serving in the military and in the management consulting field, his brother, Matt, developed his understanding of the power of hope as an entrepreneur in the insurance space. In less than five years from startup launch, his company grew to become one of the top three senior market insurance wholesaling companies in the country, with a network upward of 10,000 independent agents across all fifty states. Matt maintains his reputation as one of the nation’s leading minds in insurance distribution and marketing.

Matt’s firsthand experience with people from every walk of life--from seniors to the insurance agents who serve them--amplified his recognition of the significance of hope. Derik and Matt, sharing this newfound recognition, launched Hopebox. Their idea was simple: if the creativity of talented artisans could be combined with God’s truth about hope and healing, perhaps Hopebox could provide an unprecedented way for people to offer hope and encouragement to their loved ones.



It goes without saying that none of these bright ideas about hope and healing could reach success without a woman’s touch! Kristin, Matt’s beloved wife, is the heart of and driving force behind Hopebox. Her skill in graphic design, advanced art degree from NC State, and deep faith in Jesus allows Hopebox to offer a glimmer of God’s beauty in the midst of life’s toughest and most painful situations.

Beyond being a wife, mom of three, and co-founder of Hopebox, Kristin runs Bonita Piña, a company specializing in finding and distributing handmade jewelry and accessories made by talented female artisans from the most remote corners of the world. Learn more about Bonita Piña and its efforts to spread hope and lift women out of the depths of poverty at BonitaPina.com.