Who needs Hope from you today? Send Hope


What's Hopebox?
We're an encouragement company! We carefully design, pack, and send what we call "hopeboxes," monthly assortments of 10+ renewing, uplifting goodies handmade by creative artisans who have their own inspiring stories of hope and healing. And every box includes a heartfelt, comforting, and encouraging message. Want to write a personal note? We can help! Hope is on the way.

And while hopeboxes can be set up as a subscription (helpful for automatically sending hope spread out over several months!), you can send just one hopebox if you like! Who in your life needs hope today? Maybe that's you! If so, we'll write you an uplifting message sure to encourage. Send hope today!
Can I order just one or do I have to subscribe?
Of course you can order just one! Hey, what better way to give us a try? :)

Just CLICK HERE and you'll go straight to the single-order area of our website!
How much does a subscription cost?
The base price for a month-to-month subscription is $49, but we also have a Hopebox Light for $29 and a deluxe Hopechest for $79.

If you decide to prepay for a set number of months, however, your price per month decreases significantly! Subscriptions you order for yourself automatically renew each time the billing cycle (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) resets. You can cancel anytime.

Gift subscriptions are a bit different. When you check the box "Give As A Gift" at checkout, the default will be that the gift does NOT automatically renew. You can check the box to opt-in to automatic renewals if you want to show some extra special love to that friend or family member!

And these are all base prices, but we have coupon codes running all the time! Sign up for our newsletter to receive those and take full advantage of the great deals we offer every month!
Can you please explain the process from payment to shipment?
1) PAYMENT: After we process your first payment successfully, our goal is to get the hopebox shipped within two (2) business days.

2) CONTACT: Sometimes our fulfillment team needs a bit more clarification on your order, usually having to do with the personalized message. If so, we'll reach out to get the info from you by email.

3) PACKING: That's right, your hopebox is not finalized until after we get your order! Each hopebox is custom-made to send hope to each specific situation.

4) SHIPPING: We send our hopeboxes USPS Priority Mail, so the recipient can expect arrival of their first hopebox approximately two (2) days from shipment. That's four (4) business days or less from the original payment date!

5) RENEWAL: When the renewal data comes around (usually the 15th of the next calendar month and then every month thereafter), this wonderful process starts all over!